These are a few examples of the many workshops we have on offer.
We can design workshops to suit all ages, abilities and needs.
They can also be run in conjuction with the shows.



Shadow Puppet workshop

Make your own shadow puppet.
Devise a simple story.
Learn how to bring it to life.
Work in groups.
Perform your show to an audience. 

For ages 8 12.
Duration three hours.




Animating objects 

This workshop is more performance based.
Exploring objects  from a puppeteers perspective.
This can be very helpful when starting to make puppets.
Investigation of the character and qualities of a found object.
Create a short performance piece.

For ages 10 12.
Duration of workshop Two hours thirty minutes.


  A Wooden Spoon Puppet

This  workshop is inspired by our new production: Cinderella.
Transform a wooden spoon into a wonderful character using collage and found materials.

Learn how to develop basic animation skills.

Explore how your puppet moves and create a short performance piece

Suitable for ages 6 10.
Duration of workshop two hours thirty minutes.


  A Simple Rod Puppet

Create a simple rod puppet made from newspaper and masking tape.

Develop basic construction skills and characterization.

Explore how your puppet moves and introduce it to the rest of the group.

Suitable for ages 8 12.
Duration of workshop two hours thirty minutes.



Azal the artist loves making pictures and he can come with this workshop to introduce children to the art of illustrated books.

He has his own story book about his life that he has drawn himself and invites the children to ask questions.

  Make your own story book

In this workshop children will make their own individual illustrated hand made books. We will look at:

The design and layout of childrens books.
How to make a storyboard.
Use of text in relation to image.
Experiment and use different materials.
Learn how to bind a book. 

This workshop is suitable for 3rd and 4th class.
Duration of workshop  4 hours thirty minutes.




  A Shoe Box Theatre

Inspired by one of our productions, create your own theatre design with moving characters.

Use paint, collage, cardboard and found materials to transform a shoe box into a theatre of your own.

This workshop is suitable for ages 7 to 10.
Duration of workshop  3 hours.




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