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The play  is  based on two folk tales; one that is told wherever the Atlantic Ocean touches the land; the other tale concerns a certain old fashioned recipe for dealing with mischief.

Jack, a greedy  fisherman wishes to marry a mermaid, which he does by promising to allow her to return to the sea one day. He breaks his promise and has to learn the hard way that the silent generosity of the world around him is what he has been depending on for so long.

Dog and String Theatre have created their own version of what happens when the two stories collide,describing it  as "a sea story with depth" in which Jack has to reconstruct his old attitudes and learn to treat the world with respect. Jack is a rascal, but children will see that his bravado can be turned into real courage when he has to come to terms with himself.

The One That Got Away
is performed in a single setting, richly atmospheric and full of the colours of the sea, with an original score by  the Czech composer,  ARANOS.





- Suitability: 5-12, + family audiences-international
- Language: English
- Audience size: 20-150
- Event type: festivals, theatre, schools
- Performances: two per day at same venue
- Venue: indoors only.
- Performers: 4 + 1 backup


- Electricity supply
- Performance space: 7x7 metres
- Lighting technician in theatres
- Set up time: 3 hours
- Total blackout is essential for best performance


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Dog and String gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of the the Arts office  and The Environment Dept. of Clare County Council and the Cultural Relations Committee of the Dept of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht and the Islands in promoting this production.


Dog and String Theatre
Coolorta, Boston, Co. Clare, Ireland
+353 (0) 87 6324972 (mobile)