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The "Expressionistic" style of RAYMONDO'S JOURNEY differs from 'The one that got away". It  is set in an urban context and tells the story of Raymondo, a dusty librarian who works in A Great Reference library in Barcelona, an unlikely setting for a would be Flamenco dancer. Raymondo's gentle but powerful imagination gradually creates a dream companion who urges him to take her seriously and bring her to life. Not such an easy task; first, he must overcome the demons of self restriction that keep him trapped.

This is a very lively play despite its seemingly tranquil context and causes great excitement with children as they interact with Raymondo to help him overcome his fears. Many have found it a positive catalyst to talking about there own fears. Again a full range of puppets from miniature to life  size is used in conjunction with masked actors and an original score by ARANOS.

There are four players and one technical crew for Raymondo's Journey. It requires a minimum space of 4x4 metres and is 2.3 metres high.

The musician and storyteller are placed to the side of the performers and the various instruments and percussion frame need adequate space about 2x4 metre.




- Suitability: 4-10, + family audiences-international
- Language: English and Spanish
- Audience size: 20-350
- Event type: festivals-theatre-street events
- Performances: two per day (generally at same venue)
- Venue: indoors and outdoors.
- Set up time: 3 hours
- Performers: 4 + 1 backup
-Location: Ireland - International


- Electricity supply
-Security - Outdoors
- Performance space: 6x6 metres
- Lighting technician in theatres
- Blackout preferred
- Necessary space for musicians (see end of description)


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